I have a morning routine.

Right when I get into the office, I filter through emails. Then, I skim through Facebook, Twitter and all the other mediums we scour through daily here at THESIXTHIRTY.com.

But before the scour can begin, I check my Soundcloud feed.

(SIDENOTE: If you didn’t know that Soundcloud is the best way to find new music, then you should probably check it out right now. You’ll thank me later).

And when I checked my Soundcloud this morning, the first thing that came up was this new moombahton song by Dillon Francis and KSHMR (featuring Becky G, who is not important to the purpose of this story and will not be mentioned again).

Now hear this; the significance of this new song is not that it’s super catchy and original. And it’s not because it was co-produced by Dillon Francis (who, for lack of a better phrase, is hotter than steamed rice right now).


(Courtesy of Mary)

Our coverage of Dillon Francis is no longer just an obsession or sneaky way of showing off all of the awesome music we’re listening to; nowadays, everything Dillon Francis does is, objectively, news. And subjectively, everything he produces is gold. The 27-year-old producer from Los Angeles (his birthplace will become relevant later in this column) tore it up in 2014 with a brand-new album, Money SucksFriends Rule and a massively successful tour.

For Christ’s sake, he screenshotted his to-do list for 2015 and that alone broke headlines on every electronic music website you can find.

Getting back to the point, Dillon Francis’ first original track of 2015 has created plenty of buzz within just a few hours of its release. But the other name on the track – an artist named KSHMR – has been overshadowed somewhat by Francis’ recent stardom.

And when I saw this song on my Soundcloud feed earlier, I asked one question.

Who the hell is KSHMR?

After a couple runs through Google, I discovered that it wasn’t just me asking the question. Apparently, the mystery surrounding KSHMR is not an entirely new phenomenon. Last February, a couple of blogs started buzzing over a song called “Megalodeon,” produced by an unknown artist named KSHMR.

According to SPINR, the song was created with the intention of anonymity.

“Ever since it appeared as an ID track in DJ sets and radio shows…hype, rumors and speculations surround this track. Who produced it, what’s the title, where did it come from? After it was featured in the teaser video for this years Spinnin’ Sessions event in Miami, even more discussion followed. With the creator announced as KSHMR, a new moniker of a veteran artist rooted heavily in electronic pop & dance music, the mystery continues.”

As time would unfold, the identity of this ‘veteran artist’ would unravel. And according to many other speculators and some scattered facts – the identity of KSHMR is that of former frontman for The Cataracs, Niles “Cyranizzy” Hollowell-Dhar.

I first came to this revelation when I typed his name into Google, and noticed that the excerpt below was actually deleted from The Cataracs page on Wikipedia.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 4.30.09 PM

The Cataracs weren’t around for too long, but they had enough hits to leave their footprint. After producing “Hey Now” with Martin Solveig and their biggest hit of all, “Like A G6” back in 2010 – The Cataracs made their name very well known in the pop scene.

Who produced it, what’s the title, where did it come from?

(ANOTHER SIDENOTE: The actual genre of The Cataracs is actually pretty tough to narrow down. It’s self-described on their Facebook page as “like pop, but it slap doe.”)

It was already strikingly clear that KSHMR is the new, electronic alias for Niles Hollowell-Dhar. And it seems a consensus has been reached across all of the other legitimate speculators, including This Song Slaps.

According to a rumor from a seemingly legitimate German publication, other insider hints further validate the presumed answer to this mystery:

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 4.50.07 PM

So there you have it. While Dillon Francis may be the biggest name on this new track (“Clouds”), he certainly isn’t the most intriguing. KSHMR assists him in going back to his Moombah-roots, similar to the influences we heard in tracks like “I Can’t Take It” and “We Make It Bounce” in Francis’s Money Sucks, Friends Rule.

But for this story, Dillon Francis will have to take a back seat for once.

After breaking the internet many times before, it seems as if the latest work from KSHMR will be the one to break his anonymity. After all, secrets don’t last if everybody is talking about it.

Niles Hollowell-Dhar, I think it’s time to come out of hiding.

Photos courtesy of Soundcloud.

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