Whether you like it or not (we’re growing fond of it), Apple Music is now a stiff competition for Spotify and other music streaming services. This is in part due to Apple Music’s deep integration with iOS, not so much the $120 per year fee.

There’s a long list of simple commands Siri is capable of – like instantly playing any song, artist, album, or playlist from your library. But Let’s look at some of the more complex stuff.

1) Chart Toppers: Can’t remember what that one song everyone was playing a few years back? Just ask Siri “Play the top song from 2009.” Siri will then load up the top 25 songs from that year. This is valid for pretty much any year.

2) Play Different Radio Stations: One of our favorite things about Apple Music is Beats 1 Radio. Now you can just tell Siri “Play Beats 1” and you’ll have it up in no time. You can also do this for different artists and genres. “Play Kaskade radio” or “Play dubstep radio” works too. We’re not liable for Apple’s choice in music.

3) Play Music By Chronology: I’m horrible with remembering song titles, but now Siri can help with that. If you’re like me you can just tell her to “Play the first album by MSTRKRFT” or “Play the latest song from Tiesto.” Come on, ‘Secrets’ is pretty catchy.

4) Skip It: We told you we weren’t liable for Apple’s taste in music. If at any time you hate the song playing just tell Siri to “Skip” and you’ll immediately be on the next track. You can also go back by saying “Play previous.”

5) Add To Your Library: Another great thing about Apple Music, is its ability to save an m4a version of a song to your My Music tab. If at any point you want to seamlessly add the song you’re currently listening to, just say “Add this song to my library” – or better yet “Add the new Disclosure album to my library” – when it comes out that is.

6) What’s Playing: Back to the poor memory thing. You can ask Siri “What song is this?” “Who sang this?” or “What album is this from?” to instantly reveal all the mysteries of the world. If the music playing isn’t from your library, ask anyway and let the built in Shazam feature try to identify the track.

There are plenty more tricks to the new Apple Music/Siri combo, but these are our favorite and most useful. If you haven’t yet, I would definitely recommend trying out the free trial of Apple Music and use these tips to get you started.