I take great pride in my aural tastes, and I try to support artists who deserve it, not the ones who buy it. 

Despite his marquee-topping name, Zedd continues to release material actually worth listening to.

Zedd dropped his sophomore LP, True Colors, last week to critical acclaim from bloggers, journalists, and fans alike. While some may think Zedd is still coasting off the mainstream success of “Clarity” and his premiere album of the same name, most don’t realize the rigorous effort that comes with the unprecedented standard of a classically-trained producer.

With only two full months of publicity leading up to the album, True Colors seemed to drop out of thin air compared to the nearly year-long campaigns of fellow superstars Calvin Harris, Madeon and Porter Robinson.

For all you so-called novice Zedd fans out there, this album will act as a breath of fresh air. 2010-2012 is what I like to refer to as Zedd’s Golden Age.

Old-school electro house tracks littered Zedd’s live sets as he packed each subsequent verse with enough glitched out, harmonically frenzied chaos to distract the Maddest of Hatters.

Of all the hits on his new album, True Colors, “Addicted to a Memory,”  “Done with Love,” and “Transmission” perfectly fit the classic Zedd mold.

As with most albums, you won’t be in love with every song. But even the more progressive ones (a sound that I’m not particularly fond of) have some ever-so-subtle Zedd trademarks. We’re even lucky enough to get the big room and electro vibes that Zedd throws into his live sets with reckless abandonment, this time in the form of  “Bumble Bee.” 

True Colors also features some collaborations that will leave you a bit skeptical at first. With names like Selena Gomez and Kesha, you almost feel wrong hitting the play button. But don’t fret.

And if the star-powered tracklist didn’t slap you right in the face, just wait until you see the light show Zedd set to the Empire State building last week as part of the album release.

Another familiar name that pops up on True Colors is Matthew Koma. Credited alongside Zedd as a writer on “Addicted to a Memory,” Koma and Zedd have worked together before.

Their collaboration may just be the most satisfying song on the entire album. But I’ll let you decide that impossible conundrum.

Overall, the album was everything I could’ve expected from Zedd’s sophomore effort.

Luckily we can look forward to seeing him headline at Spring Awakening in just a few weeks. Unfortunately, Chicago is not listed as a stop on his upcoming tour in the Fall of 2015.

But wait a minute. It looks like the last two dates on his tour (Indianapolis, IN – 10/27 and Minneapolis, MN 10/31) have two “blurred out” stops.

Chicago is basically directly between the two cities.

There’s reason to believe this delayed announcement is actually due to Spring Awakening itself. Most likely, it’s due to some sort of radius clause in the SAMF contract that forces Zedd to delay telling people about Chicago until after the clause expires.

Fear not, fellow Chicagoans, we’ll have our chance at all the new material live before year’s end – whether it be once or twice. For now, you’ll have to enjoy it on your computer.