Zeds Dead just made a deal with the Devil.

The electronic music duo from Toronto made headlines today when band-mates Dylan Mamid (DC) and Zach Rapp-Rovan (Hooks) made the public announcement on Snapchat.

Unfortunately, the video only lasted four seconds. And they weren’t the ones that took it. But lucky for you, we got a hold of the photo from our friend Dee before it disappeared into oblivion.

Actually, Dee took this photo when she was cleaning up at work – and we thought it was just magical. Nonetheless, this imiginative tale about Zeds Dead making a deal with the devil is just way more catchy.

So let’s keep going with that…

While the Devil was not made available for comment, we were able to get in contact with his press secretary, Griselda Blanco. She wouldn’t reveal too much about the agreement, but we did get some information on how it all went down:

“The Devil went down to Georgia. That’s where Zeds Dead was currently on tour. The three of them met at an undisclosed, underground bar/rave dungeon and sat at a back table. Since Devil doesn’t speak English, we had to bring in a translator. And with the economy suffering, we had to budget accordingly. So we hired Charlie Chapman. Unfortunately Charlie still hasn’t dropped the whole silent persona act, so he wasn’t much help.”

After Zeds Dead and Devil finalized the negotiation, they decided to commemorate the sale by popping a bottle of sparkling grape juice (Devil doesn’t drink). Evidently, Devil had never opened a bottle of champagne before because he sprayed it all over the bar and then just walked out of the place like a bat out of hell (pun intended).

As Zeds Dead sat at the bar evaluating the decision they just made, a flicker of light caught their eye from one of the glass cabinets Devil had sprayed.

Devil had left his calling card without Zeds Dead even knowing what hit them. While we await further details, feel free to listen to some of the finest tracks Zeds Dead has produced over the last 10 years.