By this point it’s likely you’ve come across the name and music of Zeds Dead. Hell, you probably even attended their New Years Eve banger at the Aragon. However, the name Oliver Heldens may be a new one to most of you.

Don’t let Heldens’ recent success catch you off guard as just a flash in the pan. He’s already slated to perform at Spring Awakening in 2015.

Having been a loyal Zeds Dead fan for several years, once I heard that they teamed up with one of the most promising names in electronic music, Oliver Heldens, I was giddy like a little school girl. Heldens has had an extremely successful past year putting out major deep house and future house hits like “Gecko” and “THIS. Pairing up with bass legends Zeds Dead could only result in something beautiful and amazing.

And it did.

Zeds Dead and Oliver Heldens are known for two very distinct and varying genres: dub-step and deep house. Both artists (all three of them, actually) are additionally revered for a more obvious reason. And that’s making incredible, mind-blowing music that hundreds of thousands of die-hard fans get down to every night of the week.

Except Sunday, of course.

Titled “You Know,” Zeds Dead and Oliver Heldens first ever collaboration couldn’t have come out at a better time. With the smooth, bouncy deep house vibes and euphoric vocal samples we’ve grown accustomed to, this remix will undoubtedly end up on the Beatport Top 100 all the way to next December.


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