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With all of the nagging, DJ Mag Top 100 conspiracy theorists are taking over the EDM blogosphere as of late, and Skrillex and Zhu must have thought it was the perfect time to drop this teaser trailer of their upcoming collaboration “Working for It”.

The sixth track teased from Zhu’s upcoming Genesis Series EP, “Working For It” debuted at CRSSD last weekend.

The new track also features two up and coming vocalists who just recently signed with Zhu’s music label, Mind of a Genius. The male duo goes by the stage name, THEY, and consists of two male singers, Drew and Dante.

With only a hand full of signed artists on the label (@zhu, @gallant, @unofficialthey, @klangstof, @kwaye), Mind of a Genius is taking its time signing new talent.

Their tag-line, “hearing is believing”, sheds some light on their niche, electronic music label.

When it comes to the producer/phenom known as Zhu and his record label, hearing is truly believing.

And let me be the first to tell you, the masses have heard you, Zhu. And we are true believers through and through.

After listening to just a 30-second snippet of Zhu, Skrillex and THEY’s upcoming track, “Working For It”, I can see and hear why Zhu made the quick decision to sign the signing duo to his label.

Zhu has already released a few of the tracks from the upcoming album. Already, the artists collaborating with Zhu are eye-opening.

His collaboration with Aluna George, “Automatic”, has already spread like wildfire.

Additionally, Zhu dropped his track, “Modern Conversations”, a collaboration with Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

Not to mention this new release with rap legends Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

When ZHU revealed more about his artistry to LA Times, it spoke about his vision with the upcoming album: “This project is all about art, and we try to make it all about the songs and the response.”

UPDATE: 10/22/15, 3:01 pm

The full version was released today, and as you can hear it is extremely turnt up. Too turnt up to turn down? TBD.

For now, listen to modern musical artistry at its most authentic.

For more information about Zhu and his upcoming project, The Genesis Series, sign up at