Every kid who played basketball growing up practiced ridiculously impossible buzzer beater shots whenever they could.

Either on your driveway at home or when the coach wasn’t looking at practice, perfecting your 70-foot heave was always a priority.

Because if you ever get a chance to launch one in a game, you had to be ready to rock.

And on Friday night, a member of St. John of the Cross (Western Springs) lived every kid’s dream in a game against St. Cletus (La Grange).

This wasn’t your standard buzzer beater either. St. John and St. Cletus we’re battling for the 8th-grade league championship and the game was tied with a few seconds left.

St. John was taking out the ball on the far side of halfcourt, so all Cletus had to do was play a little volleyball and there’d be free basketball in the Western burbs.


Insane game winning shot😱 Submitted by: @jackhlavin2 #Basketballvines

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That’s the best throw I’ve seen since Aaron Rodgers stunned the Cardinals in Phoenix two weeks ago.

Growing up, you tend to practice the ‘one-hand cannon’ buzzer beater technique a lot because that’s the only way to get it there. It never went in, but you did it all the time anyways because one day you knew it would.

In the championship with the game tied and zeroes on the clock, of course.

(h/t Brendan & Greg)