Click bait and hot takes, unfortunately, are a part of journalism. In the constantly evolving landscape of sports journalism, they become even more of an unnecessary crutch.

Yesterday, Fox Sports columnist Alex Marvez penned one of the more brash hot takes I’ve seen in years.

His scorching title? “Shane Ray Should Not Be Allowed To Attend The NFL Draft.”

OK, whatever you say. The first three sentences read a lot like a cry from someone whose wife just left him:

[quote_box_center]The NFL can’t tell teams which college prospects to select this weekend.

However, the league can control which players participate in its draft festivities.

Shane Ray should have lost that honor immediately Monday when news broke that he was cited for marijuana possession followed by an inferred admission to the offense.[/quote_box_center]

Bold, man. Especially when you consider the list of accusations that surround expected No. 1 overall pick, Jameis Winston. Run a quick Google search with “Alex Marvez, Jameis Winston” and the only thing he’s written or said about the Florida State product is nagging shoulder issues.

The Ray situation is entirely different from anything Winston’s going/gone through, but it’s still a ridiculous take by Marvez.

His main reasoning? The potential PR nightmare the NFL and Roger Goodell might face should Ray be selected in Round 1 and take his ceremonial walk across the stage.

[quote_box_center]A league that has already suffered major public embarrassment in 2014 because of off-field conduct issues would experience another if Ray were allowed to walk on stage and receive a congratulatory hug from commissioner Roger Goodell.[/quote_box_center]

2014 was a PR nightmare for the NFL. No one is going to deny that. But not let a kid walk across the stage because his citation was poorly timed? Come on man.

Marvez is reaching. It’s the teams that decide whether or not to draft a player, and as Mike Freeman says, not a whole lot of them care or are surprised by weed offenses anymore.

See, noting how this untimely situation may effect Ray’s draft stock – or even explaining how it may turn a few teams off – would have been a worthy column.

Saying Shane Ray shouldn’t partake in the once-in-a-lifetime moment of hearing his name called and holding up the jersey on stage for is irresponsible and lazy.

Not to mention, this tweet is just reckless.

Ray was never arrested, he was cited, which is a major difference in the eyes of anyone who has a general understanding of the law.

Let’s also not overlook that “the privilege” Marvez thinks Ray should be stripped of is one that NFL prospects have been openly declining anyways. The fact three of the likely top five selections won’t be shaking Roger Goodell’s hand is far more of a PR nightmare than letting Ray do so.

If an NFL team wants to draft Shane Ray, they’re going to draft Shane Ray. It’s that simple.

The best part, though, is Marvez tweeted the least surprising news in the entire world as I was writing this.

No shit, dude. When it comes to public relations, the NFL and its teams know they’ll always find the winning spin. If it’s weed related, which 90 percent of the time it is, talent will always win out.

Which is why Josh Gordon has gotten more chances than he knows what to do with.

Now step away from the stove and let your fingers cool down a bit, Marvez.


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