Although only one player has ever died during an NFL game (Chuck Hughes in 1971), hits like the one Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette took last week make you wonder “when?” rather than “if?” there will a next one.

The same could be said about the seven high school players who have died on the field this season, including Chicago’s own Andre Smith just a couple of weeks ago.

So it was rather ironic we stumbled across this infographic that shows the chance of dying in various sports and activities.

Notably missing from the list are basketball, baseball, and hockey – which shows just how deadly football is in comparison to the three other major professional sports.

Like the NFL, the MLB and NHL have only had one player die in a game or as a direct result from injuries suffered during a game. Ray Chapman, who was hit in the head by a pitch in a game in 1920, and Bill Masteron, who took a devastating hit on the ice in 1968. For the NBA, the name Reggie Lewis is the one name most associated with tragic on-court deaths. Lewis died during a practice with the Boston Celtics in 1993.

Eventually, the chart goes into transportation, smoking and other ordinary daily activities – which provide an interesting benchmark to gauge the deadliness of football.

The full infographic is on the second page, but we ranked the ten sports/activities with the highest chance of dying for a participant.

Per usual, be sure to ask your mom first before trying these at home.

The 10 Sports & Activities Athletes Have The Highest Chance Of Dying

1) Grand Prix Racing

Odds: 1 in 100

Driving cars really fast in a small area, no surprise here.

2) Hang Gliding 

Odds: 1 in 560

Just like Chazz Reinhold told us in “Wedding Crashers.”

3) Motorbike Racing

Odds: 1 in 1000

Less protection than auto racing, but also smaller and less deadly vehicles.

4) Boxing

Odds: 1 in 2,200

Pour one out for Apollo Creed.

5) Canoeing

Odds: 1 in 10,000

By far the biggest surprise on the list. Don’t go white-water canoeing.

6) Scuba Diving

Odds: 1 in 34,400

We have to guess that this is mostly due to oxygen failure. Not sharks.

7) American Football

Odds: 1 in 50,000

Twice as deadly as skydiving, not quite as dangerous as scuba diving. Sounds about right.

8) Skydiving

Odds: 1 in 101,083

A pretty reassuring number if you’re considering jumping out of a plane in the near future.

9) Bicycling

Odds: 1 in 140,845

Always wear a helmet.

10) Bungee Jumping

Odds: 1 in 500,000

For whatever reason, this seems way too low.

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