Very, very early Thursday morning an epic match between two tennis greats unfolded down under as Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer dueled in the Australian Open semifinals.

The No. 1 seed Djokovic ousted the four-time champ Federer in four sets. And while overall it was fairly smooth sailing by Djokovic, it didn’t come without resistance as the match wore on.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m talking tennis to you on a Thursday morning. That’s reasonable.

Who cares about tennis in America? Isn’t that the sport that’s got all the alleged match fixing and what not? You know what, yeah it is. But it’s also an excellent excuse to crack a beer and watch live sports at 3 am on a Wednesday/Thursday (it always gets a little hazy at that point).

So deal with tennis, and me, for the moment because one of the best rallies you’ll ever see took place in the fourth set this morning.


This is how The Guardian described it in their live blog.

“Yet he gets it back to 15-30 and then, just when all seems lost, he offers a searing reminder of his greatness by winning an astonishing point. Djokovic appeared to have won it wrapped up on several occasions – he had two smashes, for crying out loud – but Federer somehow stayed in it. Djokovic speared a volley into the left corner – and Federer incredibly flicked a backhand down the line! That’s one of the shots of the tournament. But it’s not enough.”

So yeah, Roger didn’t make it easy. Novak Djokovic will now face the winner of Andy Murray and Milos Raonic in the finals on Sunday.