Scoot over, Jose Bautista. This guy has a new definition for the term ‘bat flip.’

Thanks to our friends over at Wikipedia, a bat flip is the exaggerated throwing of a baseball bat after making contact with the baseball during an at bat, typically after a hit. This is in contrast to the usual practice of dropping the bat as the batter commences running toward first base.

In the United States, bat flips have traditionally been considered rude and inconsistent with baseball etiquette.

Sorry America: if this bat flip is rude then consider me Ebenezer Scrooge.

By the looks of it, this unsong hero plays high school baseball (or some sort of American Legion ball) as he tries to catch the eyes of some area scouts.

Well, consider my attention caught.

Back in my day, I used to practice my hand-eye coordination on that stupid wrap around baseball contraption that you strapped to the basketball pole in your driveway.

Boy, did I look stupid back then wrapping my pole with a string and a ball. Where has the time gone?

Is spinning the bat mid-swing and catching it in one fluid motion considered normal these days? No, it’s not. It’s anything but normal.

Bat Flip

I could write an entire post just on the top comment. “Horses’ Music-Dogs” in all CAPS, since Batman could control bats?