What’s more socially frightening:

Larry David hosting SNL in front of a live, human audience?


Larry David hosting SNL in front of an artifically-inseminated, holographic legion of recovering Beliebers?

I know. I still don’t have an answer. Fortunately, for the sanity of our readers, no holograms were used in the filming of Larry David hosting Saturday Night Live last weekend.

Unless you count Bernie Sanders as a ghost. Are ghosts considered holograms? We’ll never know.

The Monologue

Bern Your EnthusiasmLike a kid in a candy store up on stage, Larry David made hosting Saturday Night Live look easier than managing a presidential campaign.

“Now here’s the part where I’m going to say how we have a great show for you tonight. I can’t say that. I don’t know if its a great show. Secondly, why raise expectations? What I should be saying is…ehhh, it’s so-so. And if it’s good you can be surprised.”

And then he had to go and say this…

“Anyway, the band is 1975. Which also happens to be the year I broke my masturbation record. 412 times! Not terrible, not terrible. Anyway, we’ll be right back.”

Watch the full five-minute opening monologue below.

Comedy and politics, cigarettes and candy ships. Oh, what a wonderful world.

Ask any comedian or politician what it feels like to stand up on-stage overlooking a crowd of potential voters or soon-to-be fans. The answer typically revolves around some sort of sweaty, pitted out undershirt topped off with a concludingly clammy handshake.

‘Steam Ship’

Bernie Sanders’s cameo came during a Titanic-themed sketch where Larry David plays a rich prick who attempts to use his status to get on the women-and-children-only lifeboat.

If Larry David playing a pretentious, arrogant bigot wasn’t enough reason to watch ‘Steam Ship’ then just keep reading…

“Check his pants! Check for pubes!”

‘Steam Ship’ makes James Cameron’s Titanic look like Boat Trip (starring Cuba Gooding Jr. & Horatio Sanz).

All of this cheering and shouting has made me pretty hungry. And when my tummy aches for something to fill it up, I look no further than Totinos Pizza Rolls.

Totinos Pizza Rolls: the only mid-blog snack that satisfies my hungry belly.

And now, onto the main event.

Right after a work from these two male models.

How about that. Another solid sequel to look forward to next month is what I would have said if that were the case with Zoolander 2.

‘Bern Your Enthusiasm’

Speaking of awkward situations, this next for-pun-intended-purposes segment should all but clinch your vote for Bernie Sanders heading into the upcoming US Presidential Election.

‘Bern Your Enthusiasm’ is a post-modernistic, pre-meditated satire starring Larry David, playing Bernie Sanders, playing Larry David.

Let me repeat: Larry David, playing Bernie Sanders, playing Larry David.

Want more Larry David, Kyle Mooney, Jon Rudnitsky, Jay Pharoah, Pete Davidson and Beck Bennett?

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