The Chicago Bulls closed out Monday night with a 100-90 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. This means two different things: The Bulls held an opponent under 100 points for the first time in since January 28th and, of course, Big Macs.

With less than 20 seconds to go in a 98-90 game, E’Twaun “The Don” Moore stepped to the free throw line. Everyone in the house knew the free throws were much more than a formality. Judging by Moore’s grin, he knew it, too.

Here’s how it went down:

Now, chances are you might’ve seen this video making its rounds. For some reason, I still felt inclined to post it because this kid is the definition of feels. I wish I could find something in my horrifically boring adult life that gives me this extreme bit of joy as Big Mac kid has here.

Unfortunately, because I’m not five-years-old and jubilant, nor was I at the United Center last night; I’m forced to pay $5 for two Big Mac’s during my adult lunch break today.

Oh, and I just want to give a special shout to this kid’s dad. Big time role model move to match shirt for shirt with your kid at the game. That’s what I call being a good dad.