As anyone with a remote and keyboard knows, the ESPN and Bill Simmons divorce has been a messy one. And that’s putting it lightly.

Simmons has since moved on to HBO where we can only assume that he’ll be buttering up Boston sports and absolutely destroying ESPN whenever he can without that little mouse hanging over his shoulder.

Bill’s new gig hasn’t quite started up yet so he’s had a bit of free time. For instance, he did a guest spot on the cold open of Katie Nolan‘s Garbage Time with Katie Nolan on FS1 last night. You can watch that video below.

As you can see, Simmons can’t refrain from trying to dick on the four-letter network whenever there’s an opening – throwing some half shots at Bob Ley and Mike & Mike. I would call Bill Simmons bitter if I didn’t loathe the operations over at ESPN so much and how they held onto Grandland despite it being Bill Simmons’ creation.

But let’s get to the good stuff. Early Thursday afternoon, a blog by David Newton was tweeted out by BS, with a citation to the second paragraph. This is what it reads:

They lost 32-29 in February 2004, although some that were with the Panthers’ organization then still believe the Patriots gained an advantage by illegally taping Carolina practices prior to the title game in Houston.

You don’t need to be from Boston, or a Patriots fan, to know that’s a completely unnecessary addition to a column about the 2015 Carolina Panthers. Simmons, being the over-zealous, Patriots homer that he is, responded on Twitter like this:

Holy fucking ether. Not only does he refuse to acknowledge his former employer by name, he just throws Ray Lewis’ name in the ring like it’s a Tyson opponent in the 90s. Though I can’t really blame him because that whole “God healed my torn tricep thing” was a load of a crap from Lewis when he said it.

Either way, just when you though the split between Simmons and ESPN was going to drift off into the abyss and no one would hear about it anymore, shit like this happens. I, for one, kind of think it’s priceless.