You had probably seen just about every angle of Derrick Rose’s incredible game-winning three-pointer in Game 3 last night. That includes this one, posted by Chicago Bulls radio analyst Bill Wennington on Twitter.

Despite the fact that this has probably already crossed your eyes, we wanted to share with you because it’s our personal favorite. That slow motion edit as Derrick rises for the shot followed by the trot to the bench is just priceless.

Can’t you just hear Chuck Swirsky’s voice announcing this as it unfolded from this exact vantage point.

I watched it and experienced the classic Mike Breen “Bang!”

Chuck had to have lost his mind as only Chuck can. And then tailed off into a soliloquy about how the basketball God’s were looking down on Derrick Rose and the shot couldn’t have happened to a better, more deserving person.

That may sound like me poking fun at Chuck but in reality, he would have been completely right.

The Bulls needed that shot. Moreover, Derrick Rose needed that shot to prove once and for all he can be the player this city can lean on.

As Kanye West once said, “To get there, we run, we fly, we drive/Cause with my family we know where home is and so instead of sending flowers, we the roses.”

Last night and even into today, we’re all Derrick Rose.

(Featured Image courtesy of Mashable)