“You’ll remember where you were, what happened. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an inning like this. Never.”

Harold Reynolds just uttered those words on FS1’s broadcast of Game 5 between the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays in the ALDS. Those lines are all in reference to the game’s 7th inning – which is still going on as of this writing.

Let’s start with the top half, which started in a 2-2 tie. Blue Jays pitcher Aaron Sanchez entered the game to give up a leadoff single to Rougned Odor, who wound up at 3rd with two outs after a sacrifice bunt and groundout.

While the Rangers’ Shin-Soo Choo was at the plate, Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin threw the ball back to Sanchez in between pitches – but the throw hit Choo’s bat and Odor scampered home to give Texas a 3-2 lead.

If you think you haven’t seen a play like that before, you haven’t. The umpires reviewed the play, and after an 18-minute delay (!), Odor was confirmed safe and some dumb Blue Jays fans threw debris on the field.

Eventually, Choo would strike out and the bottom half of the craziest baseball inning ever would start.

Rangers starter Cole Hamels stayed in the game, but the defense behind him left their heads in the dugout. Starting with a grounder by leadoff hitter Russell Martin, Texas committed three errors in a row – all on infield groundballs.

The Rangers finally got an out on Toronto’s third consecutive fielder’s choice, and Hamels exited the game with the 3-2 lead intact.

Reliever Sam Dyson induced the fourth consecutive fielder’s choice, but Toronto had finally tied the game. Then Jose Bautista came up and hit a ball out of orbit.

Predictably, the benches cleared when Dyson took out his frustration by uttering some words to Toronto’s Edwin Encarnacion – who was trying to calm down the beer-bottle throwing crowd before his at-bat.

After two more hits, Dyson finally got Troy Tulowitzki to pop up for the third out – but made the poor decision of giving Tulowitzki a love tap on his way to the dugout.

The benches then proceeded to clear for the second time in minutes, but cooler heads thankfully prevailed.

All in all, it was a 53-minute inning, complete with:

-4 hits (three singles and a moonshot)
-4 errors
-2 bench clearings
-2 pitching changes
-1 defensive replacement
-1 pinch runner
-1 very long replay review

Playoff baseball is the best.