Life for Philadelphia 76ers fans right now has to be painfully difficult.

We’re a solid 15 years removed from the blessed times of Allen Iverson, Larry Brown, and playoff runs – with Sixers fans enduring a host of bad trades, draft picks, and signings in the time since.

They currently find themselves at a strong 1-21 this season, following something their clueless GM calls, “Trusting The Process.”

Yo Sam Hinkie, not everyone can be Theo Epstein. And last night, when cheers rained through the rafters of the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, it wasn’t because of the team that plays there.

In fact, the Sixers lost to the San Antonio Spurs – without Tim Duncan and Kawhi Leonard – by an NBA 2K count of 119-68. That’s nothing to cheer about.

But a 7’3″, 275-pound Serbian center by the name of Boban Marjanović certainly is.

That’s just one clip of Marjanović’s big night. He put up 18 points, four rebounds, and two steals in 17 minutes of garbage time play last night. But that was by far the highlight of the night.

I mean, how bad must it be as a Sixers fan to watch this bottom-of-the-depth-chart, end-of-the-bench-center toying with your No. 3 overall pick like a bully on the playground. This dude looks like a MonStar from Space Jam, not an NBA player.

Perhaps that’s the exact reason Sixers fans cheered him on so hard. They have nothing else to root for so they resort to the 12th man on the San Antonio Spurs when he unexpectedly gives them a good show.

Which reminds us of last year, when a 76ers fan detailed his comical experience behind the Bulls’ bench during a game in Philly last season.

What a life.