According to StubHub, this is not a joke.

Well, to the person that’s selling standing-room only tickets for $20,000 it’s definitely a joke, but facts on the Internet are facts.

Either way, as you may have guessed, tickets for the Bulls vs. Warriors matchup on January 20th at the United Center are selling like hotcakes. Really delicious hotcakes.

StubHub has individual standing-room only tickets priced as low as $64. However, judging from the amount of tickets left under $100, you shouldn’t expect that number to stay.

Bulls vs. Warriors

What a savage. (StubHub)

As kids growing up in the Jordan era, we remember a day when Bulls tickets didn’t come around every time your buddy’s alcoholic boss can’t make it to the game.

Now, some savage is making a mockery of second-hand ticket sales by asking for $20,000 to stand up and get beer spilled on them for a few hours.

From the ticket map alone, you’ll see what kind of demand this Bulls vs. Warriors meeting is bringing.

If you have that kind of money, consider purchasing floor tickets instead. You’ll have a much better view, an actual seat, and save about $18,000 (floor seats on average are going for about $2,000 on StubHub right now).

Although you’ve heard plenty of people comparing this Warriors team to the ’95-96 Chicago Bulls, it should be noted that the two organizations are also competing this season.

According to the most recent Vegas odds, the Bulls are the sixth most likely team to win the NBA Finals. Of course, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are first.


Golden State Warriors: 7/5
Cleveland Cavaliers: 14/5
San Antonio Spurs: 7/2
Oklahoma City Thunder: 14/1
Los Angeles Clippers: 20/1
Chicago Bulls: 30/1

So yeah, January 20th has a very slight chance of being a Bulls vs. Warriors NBA Finals preview.

I guess that’s why tickets are selling like it’s the actual NBA Finals.