The Chicago Blackhawks are on crutches right now after a 6-2 battering at the hands of the Dallas Stars. But despite their recent struggles, the Blackhawks will be just fine.

I mean, haven’t we seen this story before? Haven’t we grown immune to the fact that the Blackhawks – more so than any other franchise in possibly all of professional sports – have the innate ability to turn it on and off whenever they please?

Believe me, watching this team go from first place to third place in the Central Division seemingly overnight is unnerving. And I understand it’s even harder to watch them lose five of their last six games played against Western Conference foes Dallas, St. Louis, and Los Angeles.

But I implore you to R-E-L-A-X. As much as I hate Aaron Rodgers, the guy had a point.

Chicago’s 2-7 slide in their last nine games is nothing new. 2015’s Stanley Cup team finished the season on a four-game losing streak and lost eight of 14 games in the month of February.

Between March 20th and April 4th, 2013’s Cup team lost four of seven to Anaheim, Los Angeles, and St. Louis with three of those losses coming at home. And in 2010’s Stanley Cup season the Blackhawks lost eight of 11 games at the beginning of March.

It seems wrong to say, but the Blackhawks are pretty much right on track.

I can’t necessarily pinpoint any specific reason for optimism amidst these current troubles outside of the fact that Corey Crawford should be healthy for the playoffs.

The time isn’t ideal for the Blackhawks to slide, especially after they were so active shoring up their lines at the trade deadline.

But come playoff time, there’s not a coach, captain, and superstar that I’d trust over Coach Q, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane.