The first week of the 2016 MLB season was a fortuitous one for the Chicago Cubs, at least in the standings. Despite losing Kyle Schwarber to an unfortunate ACL injury, this is still the team to beat in the National League.

That’s why I’m here with some bold predictions for the rest of the 2016 season. We’ve had a week to digest what these Cubs might be. Let’s put some money where our mouths are.

I’ll admit that it’s not that easy to be bold when you’re prognosticating for a team with such expectations. But here we are. Shooters shoot.

Here are five bold predictions for the 2016 Chicago Cubs.

They Win The World Series
Can you call this a ‘bold prediction?’ The Cubs are the odds-on favorite to win the World Series in Las Vegas, so this hardly seems like anything but chalk. OK, how about this — they do so by going 11-2 during their postseason run.

1,000 Runs Scored
Last season the vaunted Toronto Blue Jays offense scored 891 runs. The Cubs shatter that with 1,000 in 2016, becoming the first team since the 1999 Cleveland Indians to do so. It’s an average of 6.17 runs per game, and I’m willing to make this prediction without Kyle Schwarber.

Anthony Rizzo Win NL MVP
The only thing that makes this a bold prediction is that Bryce Harper plays in the same league. Rizzo-Harper goes one and two in the voting with 44 taking the hardware.

Jorge Soler Remains The Everyday Left Fielder
The Cubs defensive assignments are square across the board except for one position: Left field. Due to the injury to Kyle Schwarber, the left field platoon has become Jorge Soler with only Matt Szczur as the natural outfielder to back him up. Many speculators see Soler as the most likely Cubs’ youngster to be dealt by the trade deadline, but not so fast. Soler rights the ship offensively and becomes a major cog in the Cubs lineup as the season progresses.

Dexter Fowler Leads The NL In On-Base Percentage
You’re going to get a lot of good pitches to hit sitting atop the Cubs’ stacked lineup. Dex finished Top 10 last season in Plate Appearances, Walks, and Runs Scored and builds on that in 2016.