A perfect day at the ballpark includes all of the following: Good weather, a solid pitching matchup, a cold one, a nice steamed dog, and the perfect compilation of 15 second music clips known as the walk up song.

Nothing gets me going quite like a good walk up song. It’s the lifeblood of a hitter, it gets his juices flowing and puts him in the zone. Generally, the more creative your walk up song the more the fans are going to join along in the fun before you belt one out of the park.

I want to be the Walk Up Song Czar for the entire MLB. I’m not sure if this is a job, but it should be.

The 2015 Chicago Cubs were an exuberant bunch known best for blasting home runs and dancing at the dish. They had fun, to say the least.

Their most popular walk up song, Starlin Castro’s “Ando en la Versace” will no longer reverberate through the Wrigley loud speakers but 2016 expects the same amount of fun at the Friendly Confines.

Like I did with the White Sox yesterday, let’s predict where your 2016 Chicago Cubs will take their 2016 walk up songs as they search for their first World Series in 108 years.

Ben Zobrist

2015’s Playlist: The Dawn (Julianna Zobrist)

Welcome to the Cubs, Mr. Zobrist. Along with a World Series ring, Ben Zobrist is also bringing the ultimate sign of love and affection by using his wife’s music as his walk up song.

From what I understand, Zobrist has been doing this for a while so I see now reason why it would change now. She has a brand new album available May 6th called Shatterproof so I’ll bet the house the lead single off this becomes Ben’s walk up song.

Jason Heyward

2015’s Playlist: Rock On (Do The Rockman) (Montana De Mac)

Welcome to the Cubs, Mr. Heyward. What I’ve been able to uncover shows the Jason Heyward liked the 2007 classic Do The Rockman — which isn’t exactly a classic at all. However, past songs include the lifetime banger “N*ggas In Paris” by Jay and ‘Ye and “La Familia,” also by Jay Z.

We’ll keep the family vibe rolling as Kanye West just released his highly-anticipate The Life of Pablo earlier this week. I’m sure a player or two are going to sample from it for their walk up song.

Unfortunately, because Kanye is an egomaniac and his new album isn’t on YouTube at all, I can’t give you a video or anything.

Anthony Rizzo

2015’s Playlist: Intoxicated (Martin Sloveig), Trap Queen (Fetty Wap), Bad Blood (Taylor Swift), Good Vibrations (Marky Mark) 

Nobody takes the science behind a good walk up song playlist and puts it to practice like Anthony Rizzo. It’s a progression.

First at bat something electro-poppy to get people clapping.

Second at bat, hit them with the rap smash hit.

Third at bat, when everyone’e nice and liquored up by the 6th or 7th, throw the Taylor Swift at them so they kind of ignore the fact that you like Taylor Swift.

Everything else from the point on is Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch territory.

So how do you accurately predict the walk up music for a player who has it so scientifically coordinated already? I’m not sure. Because whatever Rizzo ends up going with is going to be magical.

I can only give my suggestions.

Kris Bryant

2015 Playlist: We Own It (2 Chainz)

For as much as I love KB, I hate his walk up song. This is in part with me despising Wiz Khlaifa and his music, but the other part is that it’s kind of a lame choice in general. The song isn’t that good and it doesn’t quite bump like a walk up song should.

But Kris lived life on the edge this offseason. He received the keys to Vegas, got engaged, and swam with sharks. I’m hoping his walk up song has a bit of bite in 2016. I mean, this is what I would choose for sure.

Kyle Schwarber

2015 Playlist: No Diggity (BlackStreet) and Thuggish Ruggish Bone (Bone Thugs and Harmony)

Kyle Schwarber became patient zero for pros and cons of the walk up song. The pros are that he has the two dopest walk up songs in the entire MLB, all things considered. The cons are he loves them so much it makes opposing pitchers mad and they sometimes use his bulky frame as target practice.

But don’t let that stop you from doing you Daddy Schwarbucks. And keep picking the classics as your walk up songs.

Jorge Soler

2015 Playlist: Flexin’ (Rich Homie Quan)

Jorge Soler’s 2015 walk up song being Rich Homie Quan leads me to believe that he’s an interesting dude. No one listens to Rich Homie Quan unless you have a few oddities in the system.

You know who else is a weird dude? Young Thug. And Young Thug would make for phenomenal walk up music.

Miguel Montero

2015 Playlist: La Gozadera (Gente de Zona), Bailando (Enrique Iglesias)

Miguel Montero is still here?

Addison Russell

2015 Playlist: Vampire (Tribal Seeds)

Addison Russell is an interesting dude. On one hand, the guy can dance. The other, he’s kind of a kindred spirit who likes music that I don’t even know exists.

I have to say that I’m stuck on this one. But this song is popular so I’ll go with it.

Jake Arrieta

2015 Playlist: Lean On (Major Lazer, DJ Snake ft. MO), One Day They Will Know (Pretty Little Lights)

You know this one isn’t going to change unless there’s some sort of Cy Young honoree banger that I don’t know about.