Power rankings are cool because you can make them on everything. Like soups, for example.

Or Christmas movies for people that aren’t old geezers.

Or the most entertaining sports plays from 2015.

Or which sports fans are the most proficient at using grammar on comment boards – thanks to a recent study from Grammarly.

Ranked by city and based on commentary for NFL, MLB and NBA teams; the below grammar power rankings include the 42 cities that have one or more teams from those three leagues.

Chicago is the first city with four teams (Bears, Bulls, Cubs, White Sox) to appear on the list, sitting at 13th overall and showing that English teachers in the greater metropolitan area deserve a raise.

Chicago sports fans are just one spot ahead of those in Los Angeles, with both groups way ahead of New York fans – who apparently have zero respect for linguistic integrity.

Maybe they still haven’t learned how to spell Kristaps Porzingis.

Check out the full list of grammar power rankings below, and as always — remember to keep your subjects and verbs in agreement people.

PS – you can now add “American Copy Editors Society” as people who should sue the city of St. Louis.

Sports Fan Cities Grammar Ranking Infographic