A perfect day at the ballpark includes all of the following: Good weather, a solid pitching matchup, a cold one, a nice steamed dog, and the perfect compilation of 15 second music clips known as the walk up song.

Nothing gets me going quite like a good walk up song. It’s the lifeblood of a hitter, it gets his juices flowing and puts him in the zone. Generally, the more creative your walk up song the more the fans are going to join along in the fun before you belt one out of the park.

I want to be the Walk Up Song Czar for the entire MLB. I’m not sure if this is a job, but it should be.

I took the Chicago White Sox projected starting lineup (per Roto Champ) and wrangled their 2015 walk up songs. A little extra digging showed that rarely are players rolling songs over year to year.

In that event, I thought it’d be fun to project where each Chicago White Sox hitter should go with their jams in 2016.

Let’s have some fun with this, and come back tomorrow as we predict the walk up songs for your 2016 Chicago Cubs, sans Starlin Castro.

Adam Eaton

2015’s Playlist: Teach Me How To Dougie (Cali Swag District), This Is How We Do It (Montell Jordan)

“Spanky” Eaton loves the classics. He believes there’s nothing more relaxing than some Montell Jordan walking up to the plate, because a.293 average in two seasons with the Sox shows he knows exactly how to do it.

Should Adam change up the walk up jams in 2016 I bet he’d keep it old school. Perhaps something like “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.

Absolute jam city, especially to keep the vibe light during the dog days at US Cellular.

Jose Abreu

2015’s Playlist: La Gloria De Dios (Ricardo Montaner), Nada Es Regalado (El Micha), Yo Quiero (Gente De Zona)

I have never heard any of these songs because I am not Latino, so I sought the advice of my good buddy Ricky. He stays up to date on all the best Latino jams and he gave me a solid list of songs that would make for good walk up songs.

Therefore if I’m completely off base on this one you can blame him and not me. I did listen to these tho and I gotta say, great music.

For the Cuban Hulk, Jose Abreu, we’ll go with “Travesuras” by Nicky Jam because it’s catchy as hell and has a great music video.

Melky Cabrera

2015’s Playlist: Crazy People (Pitbull), Right Above It (Lil Wayne), The Motto (Drake)

Melky Cabrera’s walk up playlist is straight off the Billboard Top 40 and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s something to be said for relating to the fans in the stands with songs they readily recognize.

After all, anyone who keeps his walk up tune to Pitbull, Wayne, and Drake is clearly down to earth. I have to assume Melky keeps that trend going in 2016 and I have a feeling something along the Drizzy lines is appropriate.

Not to mention from the looks of it he’s the lone White Sox player who likes rap and hip hop hits.

“Big Rings” by Drake and Future it is. Absolute walk up banger.

Todd Frazier

2015’s Playlist: Fly Me To The Moon (Frank Sinatra)

Todd Frazier is so old school and it’s awesome. He’s from New Jersey, very close to Sinatra’s home of Hoboken and his grandparents got him hooked on Sinatra at a very young age.

Between “Fly Me To The Moon” and “Come Fly With Me,” there’s no way that a change in venue is going to change Frazier’s walk up artist.

Let’s go with the same exact thing in Frazier’s first season with the Chicago White Sox, and fortunate for Todd is that Frank Sinatra guy once sang a song about Chicago.

Brett Lawrie

2015’s Playlist: Fat Bottomed Girls (Queen)

This is what’s officially listed for Brett Lawrie in 2015, but anyone who’s followed his career knows that he’s an eccentric dude. I mean, at one point during his Blue Jay’s stint he mixed together Porter Robinson and Sweedish House Mafia on his iPad and created his own mix to walk up to.

He’s also dabbled in Wiz Khalifa, Flo Rida, and Matt Zo. It’s really anything as long as it is loud and has a good beat.

Lawrie strikes me as a what’s popular type of guy when it comes to walk up jams so let’s go with the most popular song of the past five years.

Where Are U Now — Jack U ft. Justin Bieber

Adam LaRoche

2015’s Playlist: My Kinda Party, Tattoos On This Town (Jason Aldean), Copperhead Road (Steve Earle)

Adam LaRoche has changed teams quite a bit in his 12-year MLB career but one thing seems to remain constant and that’s his affinity for country music. He’s a huge Jason Aldean fan.

It’s as safe a bet as any that LaRoche’s 2016 walk up song(s) will come from the country genre. Sam Hunt is super hot right now. So is Chris Stapelton. Luke Bryan is never a bad choice.

For the sake of being a country novice I’ll keep it mainstream and say “House Party” by Sam Hunt ends up being LaRoche’s choice.

Dioner Navarro

2015’s Playlist: Wavin’ Flag (K’naan)

Remember this bad boy? This was the World Cup 2010 jam for South Africa. According to the Blue Jays, Dioner Navarro messed around a bit with some Pitbull as well when it came to walk up songs.

This makes Dioner a tough choice. After all, he’s a platoon catcher who can also hit a little DH, so you’re not hearing his walk up on the regular. I haven’t attached Pitbull to anyone just yet despite history, so I’ll do it here.

Avisail Garcia

2015’s Playlist: Perros Salvajes (Daddy Yankee)

Like I did with Jose Abreu, I need to bust out my handy list of Latino music for Avisail Garcia as he has a history of remaining cultural in his walk up song.

Daddy Yankee is dope, however I only remember “Rompe” and “Gasolina” and those are just too dated for a guy like Garcia. We’ll hit up another Daddy Yankee banger perfect for walking up to the dish in the summer.

Tyler Saladino

Never change, Tyler Saladino.