The Cubs just swept the Reds for their 94th win of the season and only have three more games to go until the playoffs. You know what that means?

Let’s haze all the rookies.

Considering this is one of the youngest teams in all of baseball, relying on no less than six first-year players to make daily contributions, it’s no surprise the team has decided to remind them what they really are.

However, choosing to do it in October on the cusp of the team’s first playoff appearance in six years is truly a special thing. This team is so relaxed it’s incredible.

And if you had any inclination as to who may have headed this little charade, it’s none other than David Ross. The Grey Wolf himself.

On a side note, totally unnecessary other than me wanting to take a shot at the St. Louis Cardinals. I couldn’t imagine a team like the Cardinals or something doing this. This is way too fun for them. As my boy Adam DeVine in Workaholic’s would say, that team is real loose butthole. It’s October, the robots down there are going to breakdown at the very stench of fun.

Here’s just a few glimpses of the fun that was had as the Cubs left Cincinnati this afternoon.