The clock officially struck midnight on the Chicago Cubs magical 2015 season Wednesday, as the New York Mets completed the sweep on their way to the World Series. While it turned out to be a brutal ending to a sweet season, the Cubs players wasted no time in showing love to the incredible fans that rode this wave with them.

Almost immediately after the heartbreaking loss, more than 75 percent of the fans remained glued in their rows cheering on the Cubs as they exited the field.

In a show of gratitude, the Cubs came out to thank their loyal fans to a resounding roar from the masses still in the stands. It was a sight to see.

It’s not a goodbye. It’s see you later. This team is going to be a stalwart for years to come, and as Joe Maddon said after the game, “coming four games from the World Series in your freshman year ain’t bad.”

The exchange of love and appreciation between fans and players has been something special to witness all season long, and that culminated with one final thank you last night.

Plus, in this age of social media, many are taking to Twitter to give show their love as well. We’ll update this with all the Cubs players’ Twitter thank-yous as they continue to roll through, but here’s the ones we have so far.

Give them a follow. After all, they provided you with one hell of a season.