I drove to St. Louis yesterday for Game 1 of the NLDS. Here’s my recap of Cubs vs. Cardinals

I. Take the frontage road, always. 

About 20 minutes outside the city of Chicago, my sigh of relief was quickly replaced with a gasp of frustration.

Bunches of red were littered across my maps, as I-55 is apparently undergoing construction throughout the entire state of Illinois. After much skepticism over my years (mostly due to the fear of getting lost and finding myself in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre experience), I finally decided to say screw it.

I cannot afford to miss this game and/or lose my sanity due to the torturous experience of sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic in the middle of nowhere.

Long story short, I made it to the game on time. And I owe it all to the magical short-cut known as Frontage Road.

II. Moving to the actual baseball side of things, this photo of Jared in a Cardinals uniform is the best thing I’ve seen in the month of October. 

Words simply cannot do this irony justice.


III. Cardinals fans suck at singing the 7th inning stretch. 

Overall, my first playoff game experience was extraordinary. As Cardinals fans relentlessly waved white rally towels in uproar, I began to realize what Cubs nation has been missing out on all these years.

Nonetheless, it’s pretty laughable for a Cubs fan to watch Cardinals fan attempt the 7th inning stretch. Maybe we’re just better singers, or maybe we’re just gung-ho about a meaningless song that takes place in between the actual baseball game. But still, one thing was very clear after the top of the 7th last night: St. Louis Cardinals fans either absolutely suck at singing the 7th inning stretch, or don’t sing at all.

Sorry guys.

IV. Speaking of sucking, Cardinals players suck at choosing walk-up songs. 

Too much country, not enough hip-hop. And in comparison to the Chicago Cubs players and their ridiculous taste in music, the St. Louis Cardinals have walk-up song tunnel vision.

Yes, I realize we lost Game 1. And I realize there’s a good chance we’ll probably lose the series, but you guys lose every time you walk up to bat.

V. Final reminder: we’re just happy to be here. 

Might I remind all of you Cardinals fans that we’re about one year early in Theo Epstein’s grand master plan, and we’re just happy to be in the playoffs.

Here’s a picture of me eating nachos. Go Cubs.

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 1.09.12 PM