Damian Lillard can spit fire. And perhaps no one in the NBA is doing that as socially conscious, let alone as well as the Portland Trailblazers point guard.

We know, athletes want to be rappers and rappers want to be athletes.

Shaq, Dana Barros, Allen Iverson; they all could rhyme.

Others like Steve Francis and Delonte West could not.

Earlier this week on Inside The NBA, Dame—or Dame D.O.L.L.A. from here on out—debuted the above video for his single “Bigger Than Us.” It’s a lyrically gifted highlight of the social injustice and societal issues going on in America. It touches on things such as the Ferguson Riots, controversy over the Confederate Flag in the wake of the Charleston Shooting and is accompanied by some very powerful imagery.

It’s a goddamn breath of fresh air to see an individual with Damian Lillard’s platform use his voice to inflict positivity on others, and do it in such a personal way. Music is clearly one of Lillard’s gifts and he’s using it to spread awareness.

That’s awesome.

On a lighter note, this one is a shoo-in for the NBA 2K17 soundtrack.

We’ve known Dame can spit. The below video is worth mentioning in its own right from a year or so ago when “Trillard” destroyed the beat on ‘Sway In The Morning” on SiriusXM.