One of my New Years resolutions was to begin following Darren Rovell on Twitter.

No, that’s a lie. Honestly, I’m just too embarrassed to admit that I voluntarily use this “unapologetic industry hack” as a daily source of information.

Aside from having in-depth knowledge about the business side of sports, Rovell is also good at being a punchline for people’s jokes. If you think that’s a good attribute, then you’re clearly not good at recognizing sarcasm.

This morning, Darren Rovell was tweeting up a storm about The Masters. And in doing so, we learned that his style is equivalent to a volunteer AYSO coach.

darren-rovellAfter taking heat for the un-ironed condition of his cherished polo shirt, we felt the need to offer Rovell some fashion advice.

According to an article from GQ, the polo shirt “appears to be going through it’s angsty teenage years. Because of a regrettable, and thankfully over, “popped collar era,” the polo resides at the moment as a misunderstood item in the world of men’s fashion.”

I’m not a stylist by any means. I truly believe that’s why Abercrombie & Fitch never hired me to model shirtless in front of their store. But in my opinion, polo shirts are only acceptable in the following circumstances:

  • Outdoor baptisms.
  • Playing golf (that doesn’t include tweeting about it from your couch).
  • College game days. But make sure they’re polyester, nothing kills swag like 100% cotton.
  • Dental and/or orthodontic conferences.

Although the Masters website doesn’t sell official apparel (apparently they only sell coffee table books), we believe that this is the polo shirt that Rovell posted from his Twitter earlier today.

I don’t care how good of a “business man” Darren Rovell might be, but spending $140.00 on a polo shirt is just an all-around shitty decision.

Especially when you don’t iron it.

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(GIF courtesy of our friends at Deadspin)