Darren Rovell is no stranger to making a giant ass out of himself on Twitter. He quite possibly might be the easiest person on Twitter to successfully troll because he takes everything so personally.

International tennis has a bit of an issue right now. No, not the alleged illegal match fixing we wrote about a while back. Tennis has executives within its own sport that think women shouldn’t play because the draw for women’s matches isn’t as high as men.

The conversation has gotten so hot that men’s star Novak Djokovic mirrored that sentiment, agreeing that men in the sport should make much more money playing because they draw a higher audience.

“Sports and money” is Darren Rovell’s job, so it was a foregone conclusion that he was going to eat this up like Thanksgiving turkey.

And that’s just what he did.

Darren Rovell

These have since been deleted.

Rovell decided to take an unverified image of an empty tennis arena and directly call out Djokovic in the corresponding tweet — only to find out that the crowd photographed was for a practice.

Not a match. No, not a match. Practice.

This is what good old Darren does. He’s the patron saint of shitty Yo Momma! jokes. The kid at the lunch table that goes out of his way to try and insult people but fails miserably every time.

Instead of owning up to his mistake he just slides down the rabbit hole, blaming someone else for his pitiful laziness.

And the best part, when Rovell tried to tell a follower what went down, he couldn’t even spell the word “match” correctly. We’ll see how that one goes for his brand.