The Denver Nuggets have a new look, a new court and a new locker room just in time for the 2015-16 NBA season.

Specifically, the Nuggets new locker room belongs on the cover of ESPN the Magazine: NBA Locker Rooms Edition! It’s so inviting that I would sleep on the floor in the middle of the room for days just to take in the glory of its bounty.


Hell, it’s preseason so I doubt any of the players would mind a gentle, nurturing Caucasian male sleeping on their locker room floor in between home games.

Except for Mike Miller. I could see him having a problem with it.

For obvious reasons…


I really have no clue what the purpose of the above Denver Nuggets hallway is.

Do they run down it and into the tunnel between halves?

Or maybe it’s some sort of multi-dimensional, space vortex/motivation station where players go before games and stare at a poster of themselves to help boost their morale?

To me, it really just looks like the walkway of a movie theatre where all of the movies are about extremely large and athletic men running around and sweating all over a hard wood floor.

101615_NBA_DENVER_NUGGETS_LOCKER_ROOM_4Either way, this Chicago Bulls fan is excited to see what this new look Denver Nuggets team has to offer the upcoming 2015-16 NBA season.

Apparently Kenneth Faried has been dominating camp and pre-season, so look for the mammoth in the middle to take over after the departure of Ty Lawson.

101615_NBA_DENVER_NUGGETS_LOCKER_ROOM_5Why does Denver get to have all of the fun? Those old school logos are sending a message to the league that this team is approaching the next season as an entirely different team compared to last years roster.

Check out their up to date depth chart right here.

What do you think the locker room looks like? If it’s clever enough, we will buy you tickets to the first Bulls/Nuggets game of the regular season.

Give your submissions in the comments section below.