I normally don’t like giving Donald Trump the publicity he doesn’t deserve, but he’s finally gone too far.

The Donald got his week started with a bang by tweeting blasphemies about the Ricketts family, who of course, own the Chicago Cubs.

Why, Trump? Just why?

Why can’t you just stick to calling Hillary a lesbian, or that wall you’re so hell bent on building? The Ricketts family has its own wall already, and it’s covered in ivy. They don’t want to be dragged into your clown show, because they’re in charge of a very profitable one at the corner of Clark and Addison.

Tom Ricketts and his family have owned the Chicago Cubs since October of 2009 when they purchased it from the Tribune Company. The family first achieved wealth through their father who founded TD Ameritrade and later on through investment banking, where Ricketts is the CEO of Incaptial, LLC here in Chicago.

Clearly, nobody besides the Trump actually knows if the Trump is talking about anything of substance in these “threats.” Are the Ricketts actually hiding anything? Is it because Tom Ricketts once told Donald he had bad hair? Or does it have to do directly with the Cubs?

Maybe he figured this was the most efficient way to get Chicago’s attention; by Twitter-bombing the owner of a team who’s suffered for most of the last century but are now on top of the baseball world. Because at this point, it seems pretty obvious that generating attention is Donald Trump’s sole campaign strategy.

On that note, there are more attention-grabbing specifics about the Trump-Ricketts beef at 670 TheScore.