It’s August 6th.

Training camp is a week old, and I see Bears fans already bitching about their seventh overall pick Kevin White not being on the field.

Seriously? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

After all, that is the nature of Chicago Bears fans. After the train wreck that was the 2014 season, and the debacle that became Brandon Marshall, Ryan Pace’s decision to draft Kevin White (with his first selection as GM) was going to receive hype naturally.

Sometimes, hype trumps logical thinking and rationalization. Case in point…

Let me knock some sense into you delusional Bears fans: Kevin White is going to be fine.

You just need to temper your expectations in the short term because it does not (and will not) happen overnight, especially for a guy whose learning curve going from college to the NFL was steeper than most.

He’s yet to see the field as a professional football player because he’s sidelined with a shin injury. Where that shin injury was conceived remains a mystery, but what we do know is that he’s at training camp but not participating in drills.

Then again, moot point. Even if White wasn’t injured, I would still be telling Bears fans he’s going to be fine.

Healthy or not, he’s probably fourth or fifth in line for targets in the Bears offense with Alshon Jeffery, Matt Forte, and Martellus Bennett for sure ahead of him. And even possibly Eddie Royal.

Still, this reality has been overlooked by the Windy City faithful.

Bears fans want the right now. Despite not winning a Super Bowl since the 1985 season, we expect to be back there every single year.

For those who refuse to believe it, not every single player is Odell Beckham, Jr. (who, by the way, was injured all offseason last year).

Football isn’t measured by fantasy football’s standards. There is a huge learning curve in the NFL, especially at the wide receiver position, and especially for a kid who’s coming from a West Virginia offense.

Kevin White is a very raw talent, meaning he has all the makings of a star wide receiver in the NFL. But, he’s not up-to-speed on the technical aspects of the position.

He has all the talent and tools. He’s physically imposing with dangerous speed, which makes him a nightmare with the ball in his hands. Think Demaryius Thomas before he became DT88 with Peyton Manning.

Talented, unrefined, but the ceiling was infinite.

If Kevin White has to miss time with his shin injury, then so be it. I would rather our rookie wide receiver with boundless talent wait until he’s fully healthy than rush him back just so our fantasy teams can get some added production.

It’s how football works. And sometimes, I would like to see the Bears fanbase accept that reality.