Doug McDermott has had a rough sophomore season, especially on the defensive end. That’s my very kind way of saying he’s been pretty freaking terrible when he’s not launching shots into the United Center atmosphere.

However, amidst the Bulls’ (virtual) season-ending loss to the Miami Heat, a positive trend rose from the ashes. The man formerly known as Doug “Dougie McBuckets” McDermott dies and a new man, a feisty defensive one, was brought to life.

I’m totally kidding. He just tackled someone.

It’s not every day you can take credit for your team’s lone flagrant foul during an 82 game season. It takes a special type of entertainer to do that.

He doesn’t have a name yet. Who know if it will even stick? But after his form tackle of Hassan Whiteside, it’s safe to say that Doug might have a career in professional wrestling when the NBA doesn’t pan out.

OK, this is what I got:

Hassan Blindside

I assume that if Doug McDermott were a vindictive prick he would give himself a WWE celebrity moniker off the first move that made him famous — virtually blindsiding Hassan Whiteside.

In other news, the Hassan Whiteside of last season would have gotten up and clocked Doug silly after this.

The Ames Alpha 

This is an average play on the American Alpha duo, the current NXT tag team championship holders. It makes sense seeing as McDermott grew up in Ames, Iowa. And for what it’s worth the city of Ames is essentially the asshole of America. I mean, it’s where Fred Hoiberg made a name for himself.

The Underwhelmer 

Forgive me for being way more proud of this name than I should be, but anytime you can make fun of someone using the famed Undertaker as the baseline, you’ve done yourself well.

Doug McDermott’s NBA career has been just this: Underwhelming. Not like he had superstar written all over him in the first place, but two years in I think it’s safe to say that that tackle of Hassan Whiteside is the pinnacle of his career.

If he switched to professional wrestling calling himself The Underwhelmer, the world will know exactly what they’re getting and still love him for it anyway.

Have any other nicknames for Doug’s WWE celebrity? Throw them in the comments section below.