Maybe he won’t murder you. But Doug McDermott looks like he wants to murder somebody. Anybody.

Probably Tom Thibodeau, if we’re being completely honest. Thibs played that guy less minutes all season than Duncan Keith played in today’s Blackhawks loss.

But for shits and giggles, let’s play a game.

What is Doug McDermott mad about in this photo?

A) The guy who snapped him looked like John Stamos.

B) Doug was asked about John Stamos and didn’t know who he was so he got made fun of.

C) Tony Snell is also in this picture, but you can’t see him. Doug isn’t happy that Tony Snell isn’t getting his fame.

D) Doug is now mad that he’ll be typecast as every horror movie, zombie baby, background creepy character for all of time. On top of that, he isn’t going to get paid for it because he’s Doug McDermott.

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Reddit had this to say about it. And by “this,” we mean buttloads of brutally honest comments from complete strangers that have never even met Dougie.

Doug McDermott

I can’t tell if this guy is being an awkward Bulls’ fan or just an awkward asshole. At least we have a common denominator, this guy is just awkward as possible.

Doug McDermott

Shenanigans doesn’t think that Doug McDermott can score, which ironically, is just about the only thing Doug could do in college. So…yah. Do your homework.

Doug McDermott

And just like that Rugby Jesus lets us know that Doug was in fact in Omaha, Nebraska at a college bar. We learn two more distinct things about Doug McDermott here.

  1. He’s a professional athlete and the first thing he does when his team is eliminated from the playoffs is run back to college. As if the four years he already spent there wasn’t enough.

  2. Doug gets hammered and rails chicks on the reg. But don’t take that from us. Take it from CricketJohnny.

Doug McDermott

Doug McDermott doesn’t want to murder you. He’s just at your local college bar making faces that say “I want to murder you.”

Tough first season for Doug McDermott. And from the looks of it, his off-season is going equally as shitty.