I would have to be sitting at a Denny’s to find an easier game of connect the dots. The Houston Rockets are currently a coach-less mess and Dwight Howard is on the team.

It’s not rocket science: Dwight Howard is a natural born coach killer and that won’t ever change.

The latest example of Baby Dwight’s wrath came only 11 games into the 2015 season. The Rockets started a promising season 4-7 and thus Kevin McHale became the scapegoat before the calendar could even reach Thanksgiving. But why?

McHale is coming off back-to-back 50-win seasons and a Western Conference Finals appearance just a season ago. He’s a good basketball coach.

Facts aside, McHale’s firing shouldn’t surprise you. Just run down the list he’s now an esteemed member of:

Johnny Davis. Chris Jent. Bobby Hill. Stan Van Gundy. Mike Brown. Bernie Bickerstaff. Mike D’Antoni. Kevin McHale.

All of these guys have one thing in common — they were head coaches of Dwight Howard who lost their jobs in order to try and make Dwight Howard happy.

I mean, you would think that when coaches are having their agents negotiate these contracts they would throw a clause in there that says, “Won’t Coach Dwight Howard.” It’s career suicide at this point.

Dwight Howard has been in the league for 11 years now. He was drafted No. 1 overall in the 2004 NBA Draft by the Orlando Magic. And in that time frame he has had nine different head coaches.


That’s not entirely uncommon, as NBA coaches come and go all the time. What is uncommon, though, is that for the third time in five seasons a respected head coach has been fired directly on Howard’s behalf.

Stan Van Gundy was fired after reported rifts between him and Howard. Then all of a sudden the two made up and Orlando was going to move forward.

The Magic then canned SVG in the hopes to keep Dwight (because Dwight wanted him gone) before his impending free agency in 2011 — only to have Howard chicken out of it and head to Los Angeles anyway. The organization still hasn’t recovered and it’s 2015.

And of course, who can forget this interview?

Turns out that didn’t work out for Howard, either, as he left to join Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant on the Lakers…where, like Kevin McHale, Mike Brown was fired insanely early (Brown made it seven games).

Then it was Bernie Bickerstaff, and then Yada Yada Yada — enter Mike D’Antoni. Now D’Antoni perhaps is the one coach on this laundry list of cautionary tales that you knew wasn’t going to fit from the outset. However, Dwight still belittled and disrespected him on the daily.

So what do the Lakers do? They try and convince Dwight to remain in LA, become the centerpiece of the Lakers over Kobe, and they’ll find a new head coach that he likes.

Nope. Dwight leaves for Houston and D’Antoni is fired regardless.

Not only is Dwight the assassin of NBA head coaches, he’s a jackass. He’s a whiny, entitled baby that frankly has to be the single worst teammate in the NBA. There’s no wonder that trouble keeps following him on a basketball court.

Dwight Howard will leave his time in the NBA as one of the most disappointing players to ever lace them up. A seven-foot behemoth with zero respect for the game or what it takes to be great at it.

A player so mentally weak that he makes his coaches the scapegoat for his lack of awareness or effort. The Houston Rockets decided to keep the trend rolling but at some point, it has to end.

You can liken Howard to Demarcus Cousins, or vice versa. The only difference is Dwight Howard has been doing this since Cousins was in middle school.

And at the end of the day, Dwight makes Cousins look like the patron saint of coachability.