I saw the below tweet by Drew Boylhart on the way to work this morning and very nearly threw up in my mouth. I’ve debated all day on making a blog post about it, but I’m not big on giving blatant idiots the time of day.

However, after witnessing Drew Magary use his platform at GQ as the searchlight for outing “Hot Take America” I decided to join the party.

What. The. Fuck. Like seriously, what the fuck.

There are so many things wrong with this take that I’m fumbling over myself like a drunken walk home trying to decide where to start.

For one, learn how to spell jackoff. I don’t know where “Forida St.” is, and I’m pretty sure Aaron Hernandez was convicted of murder not ‘Aaron Hernadez.’ Mr. Boylhart repeatedly explained he has issues with spelling in his replies, but somehow he has over 43,000 Twitter followers.

Moving on, Aaron Hernandez was convicted of MURDER. And that’s on top of the two other murders he’s been charged for and is awaiting trial on. Like holy shit, guy, are for real?

Let me set the record straight and say that Jameis Winston (who just named in a civil lawsuit) is no saint. In fact, he’s one of the most polarizing draft prospects I can ever remember because of the disconnect between his play on the field and his actions off of it.

He’s been accused of sexual assault, only to be cleared of any criminal wrongdoing. He’s shoplifted some crab legs, and he took a bunch of heat for yelling “fuck her right in the pussy!” while standing on a lunch table.

Winston is immature, we get it. But dude, YOU JUST COMPARED HIM TO A CONVICTED MURDERER. There aren’t enough capital letters in the world that can hammer home how asinine of a statement this is.Jameis Winston

Who pays you? Look everybody, we have a live look at Drew Boylhart’s house.

Let this go as a lesson to everyone in the world to not use Aaron Hernandez as the baseline evaluation for every prospect that has a questionable past.

Not everyone is a sociopathic, serial murderer. In fact, Hernandez’s criminal activity is relatively unique in its severity – and it should be treated as such. After all, it’s not often we see former NFL stars sentenced to life in prison at age 25.

So Drew Boylhart, remember that before you try and relate every NFL legal story to Aaron Hernandez.

(Featured Image courtesy of jrzykat)