You might not expect the quote that’s coming, considering the fact Lebron James and the Chicago Bulls have had nothing but tension in the past.

Earlier this afternoon, however, ESPN staff writer Dave McMenamin shared the former MVP’s take on one of his biggest rivals. And more specifically, about one of his biggest rivals missing the playoffs.

“It’s very different, obviously knowing the success they’ve had the last, what, I’d say the last nine years and they’ve been playing so much good basketball around this time. To see them fighting for a chance to get in the postseason, it’s different. But that’s sometimes the way of the league. The league kind of changes and teams get in, some teams get out, but I know they’re still fighting and they still have a chance so they’re going to play it out.”

Lebron isn’t the only person to recognize a shift in the NBA’s landscape, specifically the Chicago Bulls. According to CBS Sports, Pau Gasol will likely not be on the team next year: “In the wake of the Bulls’ playoff collapse and ongoing comments from Gasol regarding his disagreements with the approach of coach Fred Hoiberg, it seems the winds have shifted.”

Obviously, staring at the Eastern Conference standings will smack you in the face with reality – but when LeBron talks about how weird it is that the Bulls are missing the playoffs, it’s a whole new form of patronizing humiliation.

And frankly, quite possibly the most embarrassing moment for Bulls fans since the early 2000’s.

God dammit.