James Harden’s new shoe deal with Adidas went into effect today and to celebrate that the company literally backed up the truck. Could you imagine waking up in the morning to a U-Haul on steroids loaded with stacks on stacks of signature kicks.

Forget Christmas. This is Kicksmas.

The wait is over!!!!… Lets go! @adidashoops #teamadidas

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The crazy part about this is that Harden had no idea this was going to happen. This was an Adidas move pulled behind the scenes to surprise their superstar client. Talk about keeping the client happy.

Plus, I like how the truck is conveniently tagged, “The Wait Is Over,” as if Harden was starving for a bunch of shoes. There’s got to be at least $20,000 worth of shoes, probably more. I mean, the deal in full is worth $200 million over 13 years.

Someone break me off a piece of this action. I mean, I am a lefty and I am privy to taking an obnoxious amount of shots in a game. Nor do I play defense well. We’re basically the same person.

You may remember the controversy from a few weeks ago, wherein Harden was caught and reprimanded multiple times for sporting Nike-based Jordan kicks in public; which is no bueno when someone’s giving you a cool $200 million.

Judging by today’s gesture, Adidas wasn’t too phased by it.