Editor’s Note: This column contains potty language. 

Former St. Louis Cardinals Jason Heyward and John Lackey made their first trip back to “baseball heaven” this week (the self-titled term for Busch Stadium).

Heyward was met by Birds fans with zero cheers, a lot of boo’s, and a few racial slurs (only because that’s what the “Best Fans In Baseball” do).

If you’re wondering why, other than the obvious, “he’s not our guy” anymore, look towards this:

“I felt like if I were to look up in three years and see it’s a completely different team, that would be kind of be different for me…”

J-Hey acknowledged that the Cubs organization is built completely with young talent, and their core was a better fit for him as a 26-year-old baseball player. He’s allowed to be a leader without being the old guy.

This, of course, pissed off St. Louis Cardinals fans beyond end because someone (in their eyes) talked bad about their beautifully perfect organization.

So, here’s a little dose of reality for y’all. Jason Heyward wasn’t wrong and here’s why your jilted boos are like PEDs to me.

First of all, Jason Heyward was a member of the St. Louis Cardinals for one season. A season in which he played as a result of being traded to St. Louis. For as personally as Cardinals fans continue to take his exit, his arrival was just about the least personal thing that’s ever happened.

In one offseason, fans have gone from Jason Heyward being the guy they wanted to keep, pay the money and let become one of the faces of the franchise to universally despising him and determining that a 28-year-old rookie named Jeremy Hazelbaker was unquestionably better than him.

Seems legit.

Perhaps Heyward’s comments at his Cubs introductory presser about the Cardinals’ aging core were out of line. But accurate or out of line, they became overblown in the media and used as some bulletin board material for the fanbase.

Which is ironic when you consider that four of the Cardinals’ regular everyday players – Matt Carpenter, Matt Holiday, Yadier Molina, and Jhonny Peralta – are over 30 years old. The 32-year-old Brandon Moss has started more games than the player many believed would be the team’s everyday first baseman, Matt Adams.

At 27, Adams has regressed greatly and can no longer be considered part of the core. Neither of them can.

Add another layer, coming off the bench, where the Cubs employ the likes of a 23-year-old Javy Baez, a 26-year-old Matt Szczur, and (when healthy) a 23-year-old Kyle Schwarber; the Cardinals match with the aforementioned Hazelbaker and Adams, 28-year-old Tommy Pham, and 27-year-old Jedd Gyorko.

That leaves Randal Grichuk, Stephen Piscotty, and Kolten Wong. There, that’s the Cardinals’ core—if you really want to call it that.

Not to be ignored, per ESPN’s Keith Law, is St. Louis having the 19th ranked farm system in baseball and their top prospect Aledmys Diaz has a brick wall for a glove.

Now, none of this is to say the Cardinals aren’t going to continue being a successful organization putting together quality baseball teams. But as a fan, if you can honestly say you’re butt hurt about Heyward’s comments of an aging core and boo incessantly about it, you’re simply misinformed and being the sorest of losers.

This is LeBron-level hate for a not Lebron-level talent.

For real, who the hell does this?

“Hey, here’s a good idea! Let’s rip apart this $100+ piece of clothing instead of donating it to charity or something. Also, let’s ignore the fact that I’m a dumbass and bought the jersey of an unrestricted free agent!”

If he’s just another player, then why are you that mad about him leaving?

Now, I’m going to put this in terms that even the St. Louis simpletons can understand:

You all need to get the fuck over Jason Heyward being a member of the Chicago Cubs. You need to get the fuck over his “aging core” comments. And you need to get the fuck over this dystopian ideology that every single baseball player wants to play for your pretentious organization.

Forgive me for the bevy of fucks, but I don’t give many at the current moment.

Jason Heyward is a 26-year-old player in his prime who chose to play baseball for an organization he deemed to be the best fit for him personally and professionally.

Sure, I see how that may rub someone the wrong way for maybe like two days tops.

But is it necessary for an entire fanbase to boo every at-bat, every play in the field, and go so far as drop N-bombs towards him…because of something as trivial as baseball?

No. So get the fuck over it St. Louis, you’re better than that. Or, maybe you’re not.