There’s really only one way to dignify a professional athlete as a superstar in the league and that’s when he finally gets featured in his first national television commercial.

At that point, the world knows who he is.

Since that’s the case Jimmy Butler has officially made it. Jimmy B, alongside the Thunder’s Russell Westbrook and the Lakers’ Julius Randle starred together in this Mountain Dew x NBA spot titled “Make An Introduction.”

The spot features the three players in different scenarios—Randle on a couch watching himself on a video game, Butler in a convenient store surprise dunking on a patron, and Westbrook on some sort of street ball court making his introduction. 

To me, of course, Jimmy’s part was by far the dopest. You’ve done that surprise dunk trick with your friends before. Someone holds a hoop up behind an unsuspecting person and out of nowhere a buddy comes up and hams all over him.

Most of these go viral. Jimmy B goes national.

And to be in the same spot as Russell Westbrook, that’s big time.

I think this is the beginning of something huge for Jimmy Butler—who signed a lucrative $95 million contract this offseason. Before we know it, we’ll be seeing him more on the tube than his teammate Derrick Rose.