Johnny Manziel continues to be the most entertaining figure in all of sports and only added to his legend by signing a Browns fans’ $100 bill before Cleveland’s win over San Francisco on Sunday.

There’s a couple things that I need to point out here.

First off, this dude just has a throwaway Benjamin on his person. Lucky guy.

And second, was the $100 worth more before or after Johnny inked his signature on it?

My friend just got Johnny Manziel to sign his $100 bill.

Normally this wouldn’t be anything. But don’t forget, one of Johnny Manziel’s nicknames is “Money Manziel” resulting from of his documented affinity for flaunting money everywhere he goes. So, his willingness to sign a dude’s $100 should come as no surprise.

I mean, remember this one?

Johnny loves cake.

But thinking back on this from my perspective, if there’s really only one thing in this world readily available for me to have Johnny Manziel autograph it’s absolutely a dollar bill.

Now, I don’t sit in the front row of NFL games nor do I have $100 bills just kickin’ it in my pocket, but if I did, boy. That would be dope as hell.

Although, judging by Johnny’s money phone video, he fucks with singles too so I wouldn’t be too mad about handing JFF a Washington to get his Hancock.

Thank the Lord for the founding fathers, am I right?