Two weeks ago, Ohio State’s quarterback J.T. Barrett was arrested after failing a breathalyzer test at a DUI checkpoint in Columbus, OH. Barrett blew a .099, clearly over the .08 legal limit for operating a vehicle.

Plus, the Buckeyes’ quarterback is still only 20 years old, thus making it illegal to consume alcohol at all, much less operate a vehicle under any limit. (.02 is the limit for that).

Barrett got issued an ‘OVI’ ticket and suspended for the Buckeyes win against Minnesota last weekend.

And today, TMZ has released the dashcam video of Barrett’s arrest wherein he pleads to the arresting officers, “I’m the Ohio State quarterback,” unto no avail.

Here’s the video:

Few things here.

First, J.T. Barrett is an athlete. Check out the way buddy toes that line during his field sobriety test. Honestly, if I was a cop and didn’t know who he was I would have let him off right there. No doubt.

Second, claiming he’s the quarterback of THE Ohio State University – aka the most notarized athlete in Columbus, OH – is the ultimate power move. At only 20 years young, this kid has some stones.

It may not have worked, but it definitely worked.

The cops visibly take it easy on him after that. It’s not like they were aggressive in the first place, but even though they weren’t ever letting him off – you can tell Columbus’ finest were going to do everything in their power to play good cop, good cop with the superstar.

I mean, I’ve been in cuffs before and I’ve never ever seen a cop tell you how to adjust your hands so the handcuffs don’t hurt or pressure you in an uncomfortable way. I’ve also never seen that in a movie.

Usually, they just slap those things on and throw you in the back of those uncomfortable plastic seats.

J.T. Barrett will be back in the starting lineup for the Buckeyes against Illinois this Saturday, according to head coach Urban Meyer.

In Columbus, OH it’s pretty simple: Be polite to cops and you get to play football.