It says everything you need to know about the New England Patriots when the key to their seventh Super Bowl appearance in fifteen years is a former seventh-round-pick that didn’t have a major scholarship offer out of high school.

Yes, that would be Julian Edelman, who eventually became a dual-threat quarterback for three seasons at Kent State after a year in community college.

Since then, in his seven seasons with New England (including ten playoff games), Julian Edelman has:

  • 25 receiving touchdowns, 229 rushing yards and one passing touchdown
  • 4 punt return touchdowns, finishing among the top five in return yards twice (2013, 2014)
  • 21 tackles, three forced fumbles and one defensive touchdown

That, class, is what the word “versatile” means.

So it only makes sense that Edelman, who’s become the favorite target of Tom Brady, would also have the best impression of Brady losing his shit.

‘Jules’ is a natural nickname for Julian, but probably safe to say that Tom Brady is a huge Pulp Fiction guy.

In case you haven’t seen or heard his mic’d up highlights, Brady tends to become an absolute psycho when the Patriots aren’t completing 94% of their passes.

And apparently sounds like Julian Edelman’s mother after finding out he failed his English assignment.