Justin Tucker has kicked game-winning field goals in some of the biggest NFL stages. But nothing racks the nerves quite like getting in front of hundreds of people and belting out “Ave Maria” in a face-melting baritone.

Tucker loves to sing. He’s actually a man of many talents as exampled in the above video where he opens up to Rick Reilly about everything from singing, to kicking, to impersonations.

Below is Tucker singing at a recent Catholic Charities benefit with the Concert Artists of Baltimore. My eyes are so welled up right now I don’t even know what to do.

I’m not necessarily near getting married but I think I’ve already found who will be commissioned to sing at my future, hypothetical wedding. The only true downside to all of this is that I didn’t see it months ago, otherwise I would have offered every fantasy football trade imaginable under the sun for the former Texas Longhorn.

So, the next time you’re shooting the shit with your friends and someone drops the, “you had one job to do!” line and starts ragging on the kicker — tell them to politely shut the fuck up.

Because Justin Tucker is about to sing.