For those of you still living in a post-apocalyptic ESPN world where your news is served to you on stone tablet and your opinions are dished out uncomfortably lukewarm, I want to introduce you to Katie Nolan.

Nolan, who is a regular contributor on Fox Sports 1, also hosts her own show called Garbage Time with Katie Nolan on weeknights. The show has been a massive success in its first few months, all thanks to Nolan herself.

Because unlike most of the halfwit brains that roam your airwaves and column inches Nolan has gumption. She’s one of maybe, I don’t know, five people in sports media with an intelligence level to form an educated argument and savvy to articulate it. On top of that, she’s doing it in the boys club of sports media.

Just take Wednesday night’s episode for example. Nolan dropped napalm all over the NFL and the return of the deranged Greg Hardy. She held nothing back.

No one, and I mean no one, has the gall to go after the NFL because of its “power.” At least not anyone at ESPN or even Fox Sports who is insecure about their job status. Nolan does, and she does it fearlessly.

Sports media needs more Katie Nolan. It needs more of her unfiltered opinions, as well as someone who’s not afraid to make a joke like, “I used to suck some dick for sleeves of Oreo’s,” every once in a while.