One thing I love most about Joe Maddon’s Chicago Cubs is how much fun he allows them to have.

Whether it be zoo animals on the outfield grass before a game, newcomer Munenori Kawasaki belting out Aerosmith at Spring Training karaoke, or even Kris Bryant duping Lyft passengers around Chicago; the Cubs and its players know a good time.

But this latest prank is just lame.

Kris Bryant is sponsored by Red Bull, so the two came up with an idea for KB to pose as a European transfer baseball player on Mesa Community College’s baseball team. He would go by the name Roy Nabrynt (which quite literally means Rookie of the Year with Bryant scrambled).

Kris Bryant is about as recognizable in baseball circles as George Clooney in Hollywood. I’m not sure who thought it’d be a good idea to send him in to take batting practice at a school in the same city the Cubs train at and expect nobody to notice. It’s not like they dolled him up like Uncle Drew.

Pretty lame if you ask me.

I do have to commend MCC head coach Anthony Cirelli on selling the prank to his team. The look in those kids’ eyes when he said “some of you are going to lose innings pitched, some of you are going to lose at-bats,” was priceless.

He had them warming up talking about family, and “we’ve been here for two months,” like Herb Brooks in “Miracle.” But I guess that’s how it goes when you’ve won 18 national championships like Mesa CC has.

However, when it comes to pranks overall this one is near the bottom. Kris Bryant is just too recognizable of an athlete, especially in Mesa, for it to work without some sort of cover up.