After only one season in the big leagues Kris Bryant is already a Chicago legend. The 24-year-old won the NL Rookie of the Year and has celebrated his offseason in spectacular fashion.

First, he got engaged to longtime girlfriend Jessica Delp. He also received the key to his hometown Las Vegas alongside friend and NL MVP Bryce Harper.

Now, he’s swimming in open water with a pack of hungry ass sharks.

Wait, what?!

No. No, Kris. You can’t do this. I need my sanity and my blood pressure isn’t properly lubed up for the barrage of stress coming from watching this video.

Swimming with sharks✔️

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Do you not realize there are baseball games to win in 2016? The Cubs need you, kid. I need you. As a major piece to this whole Chicago Cubs winning a World Series thing I’m going to need you to not get eaten by sharks in February, please and thank you.

Full disclosure — going diving in open water with sharks is cool. That is an adventure I would definitely love to do…if I had a steel cage surrounding me — one that I knew was absolutely impenetrable by a pack of hungry sharks.

And for the record, there’s a solid chance KB is sitting in that cage off to the left near the end of the video and that’s a professional with a Go Pro or something just lounging in the open.

God I hope so.

Nope is right.

For the time being I’m just sitting here praying to my Lord that Kris Bryant doesn’t get eaten by a bunch of sharks before spring training even starts.