Kyle Long has always been a man of the people. So it’s no surprise that he responded to a high school senior looking to get his favorite Chicago Bears player to attend his graduation party.

See, there’s this trend that’s taken social media by storm. I don’t know what it’s called, but the gist is high schoolers try and accumulate as many retweets as possible in the hopes to humanize their favorite athletes at a school dance—or in this case, a graduation party.

Check out Nick Beck (17 years old) from Oswego High School in Oswego, IL. He’ll be attending Arizona State in the fall, and he’s the latest teen to try his hand at Twitter’s hottest trend. And after talking to him, he might have a damn good shot at making it happen, too.

I first reached out to Nick for confirmation on his conversation with Kyle Long and that it was cool if I used his tweet in a post. Here’s where the story got a little deeper.

He indicated to me that prior to shooting the Bears lineman a Snapchat message, he used his friend’s cousin who happened to play for the Bears during the preseason and knew Kyle personally.

After Long confirmed to his former teammate that it would be a welcomed invitation, Nick took the green light and reached out. According to him, Kyle responded almost immediately with a baseline number.

5,000 retweets by June 24th. Not out of the question, but with only 330 followers I decided to give Nick a helping hand.

So that’s what I’m here for. I never got to meet famous people when I was in high school, let alone my favorite Chicago Bears player. So let’s give Nick a boost, throw a couple RT’s his way and get Kyle Long to his grad party.

Hey, maybe I’ll snag an invite too for being a good human for the second time in my life.

Just click the copied tweet above and hammer Nick’s notifications. I’m sure he won’t give a shit.