Michigan State defeated Iowa on Saturday night the only way they know how to.

In heroic, last second fashion.

The Michigan Wolverines know what I’m talking about. Ohio State does too.

The Iowa Hawkeyes were making their first appearance in the Big Ten Championship and entered the night undefeated. The Michigan State Spartans made it for the third time and entered the game with a single loss.

Now both teams have one loss after Saturday’s Big Ten Championship where the Spartans ousted Iowa 16-13 to secure their bid in the second-ever College Football Playoff.

Mark Dantonio is now 6-1 vs. AP Top-5 opponents in the last 6 seasons (15-10 against Top-25 teams in the same span).

The final winning drive was flawlessly manicured and took nine minutes off the clock; capped by a remarkable goal-line run from true freshman running back LJ Scott.

Words just don’t do it justice, unless they’re coming from the mouth of Gus Johnson. Get the full highlights from Saturday’s Big Ten Championship below.

Michigan State will meet Alabama on Dec. 31 in their semifinal match-up, and Clemson faces Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl earlier that day.

Clemson is the top seed, followed by Alabama at No. 2, Michigan State at No. 3 and Oklahoma at No. 4. All four teams won their respective conference championship.

The Orange Bowl will kick off at 4 p.m. ET, and the Cotton Bowl is scheduled for 8 p.m. ET. Both games will air on ESPN.