Media Day for professional basketball teams is a lot like a meet and greet. It’s a chance for the media to get to know or catch up with the players and relay the interactions with the fans in real time.

Milwaukee Bucks Media Day offered a ton of interaction. Including, but not limited to, an artistic adventure that yielded less-than-stellar results.

Basically, the players were asked to draw a portrait of their teammates and post the results. Well, the results are downright scary.

The Bucks are a very young and talented squad set to make waves in 2015…on the basketball court, that is. Because damn, these guys can not draw for shit.

Take a look at a few of the results.

Milwaukee Bucks

First off, the one on the far left is Chris Copeland — long braids, easy. But what the fuck is on the right? It looks like a rejected character from the show Doug. Or if Doug had an older brother who was too rebellious for the show. No, it’s just Tyler Ennis.

Milwaukee Bucks

OK, now here’s where I lost my shit. The picture in the middle is Michael Carter-Williams. We can see that. And the picture on the right again is Chris Copeland. Easy.

The portrait on the left? That’s also Michael Carter-Williams. The middle picture from the first screen capture? Michael Carter-Williams, again.

In other news, what is Michael Carter-Williams doing with the dirty Q-tip on his head.

Milwaukee Bucks

I guess googly-eyes are a thing now? The middle portrait is actually a pretty fair adaptation of point guard Jarryd Bayless. But in this trio I really want to single out the player who took the time to use that old art class trick of drawing reference lines when making John Henson’s face.

That’s old school and should be applauded. Wait, Jabari Parker drew it? No surprise then, he’s from Chicago.

You can check out the full gallery of renditions on